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Zombiekiller14 Zombiekiller14 9 July 2021

FandomDesktop is coming

So, Fandom is gonna be releasing a new format for the site in a few weeks. It looks nice, I'll give it that, and it adds some pretty cool features. But I feel like we should get everything ready should it go permanent, because I have a feeling it might reset the wiki's theme(I noticed it when I checked it out through My Preferences).

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Zombiekiller14 Zombiekiller14 1 February 2021

Annie Coming Soon + A New Character

So, after Annie made her way to Skullgirls Mobile, it was only a matter of time before she would eventually make it to 2nd Encore. And it'll be sooner.

I wonder who the new character will be...

Article reads as follows:

Publisher Autumn Games and developer Hidden Variable have released a teaser trailer for Skullgirls 2nd Encore downloadable content character Annie, who is due out in early 2021, as well as announced that she is now playable in Skullgirls Mobile.
The end of the trailer teases that an unannounced new Skullgirls 2nd Encore downloadable content character is also planned for release:

Source: Gematsu

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Stale cheeto Stale cheeto 23 January 2021

I really want Aeon as a playable character

oh my god bro i desperately crave to see aeon as a playable character in skullgirls please make it happen i need it so badly oh fuck pleaaaaaase hidden variable and autumn games give me your blessing and grant my wish please please please pleaseeeeeee im soooooooooo sad right now

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Zombiekiller14 Zombiekiller14 16 December 2020

Very Important Message

To those making contributions without an account, PLEASE don't make shit up. We take misinformation just as seriously as vandalism on this wiki.

If you make a change in a page, PLEASE CITE YOUR SOURCES before you save! If this persists, I will have to put my foot down and make a little restriction.

I hope we've come to an understanding.

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Stale cheeto Stale cheeto 9 December 2020

I keep seeing newly added pages like "Ajna" and "Brody Foxx" and I'm just wondering what's going on LOL

seriously though maybe if things get worse then anonymous users should probably be restricted from editing

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Stale cheeto Stale cheeto 28 November 2020

I'm new here

I don't really know everything about wiki editing but I'll gladly help with some stuff around here

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Betelplayer Betelplayer 26 May 2020

havent gotten the game but

i already love this-

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Sariel0918 Sariel0918 6 January 2020

new to the fandom

so I kinda just got here 

but from what I've seen I love this game already...

and I love this idiot so yeah have some beowulf art just a little doodle of Beowulf having tea I can't get over the fact that his weapon is a literal chair he f l e x

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Moolight980 Moolight980 16 November 2019

The Beginner's Guide to Alt. Voices!

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Alt. Announcer Voices!
    • 2.1 List of Alt. Announcer Voices
  • 3 Alt. Character Voices!
    • 3.1 List of Character Alt. Voices

Hello! Looks like you found this guide! This may not be helpful but here we go!
In case you haven't noticed on another one of these pages, alt. voices exist for the announcer and certain characters! So if you want to get joy out of more voice lines, then you're at the right blog!

These aren't too difficult to get. Just go to the main menu, "Help & Options", "Settings", and then "Voice Settings". There, you'll be able to change what announcer voice you'd like. 

  • Male (Eng/Jap) (Default voice)
  • Female (Eng/Jap
  • Dazed/Drunk (Eng/Jap)
  • Soviet (Eng only) …

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Evacino Evacino 23 October 2019

Skullgirls 2nd Encore Now Available for Nintendo Switch!

Skullgirls 2nd Encore finally released today on the Nintendo Switch! Following its formal announcement last year on July 6th 2018, it was later confirmed by publisher Skybound Games that there would be pre-orders for a limited edition physical copy of the game.

Previously scheduled to launch sometime in Spring, customers who pre-ordered the game were informed via email that the release would be delayed until late Summer/early Fall due to a "production hiccup". In October, confirming an October 22nd launch date for the digital Nintendo eShop release. Those who purchased the Limited Edition will have their order shipped out next week, which now includes a digital download code for the game due to the physical cartridge being delayed until Decem…

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ChikaSan333 ChikaSan333 17 April 2019


Filia best girl. All i have to say.

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Starkiller the Cyberhog Starkiller the Cyberhog 16 October 2018

Sonic X Skullgirls crossover ideas

I need ideas for some short fanfics that cross over Sonic with Skullgirls. Archie Comics characters included.

I have some concepts here:

An Sonic & Tails/Filia story:

Sonic and Tails arrive to New meridian, and when they meet Filia.......lets say Samson gives them an accidental bad hair day....

An Knuckles/Cerebella story:

Knuckles faces the beautiful dynamo of the Cirque.

An Amy Rose & Cream/Ms.Fortune & Minette story:

Amy and Cream meet Ms.Fortune and her little sister figure Minette. Also, Team Babylon (The Babylon Rouges)

An Shadow, Rouge & Omega/Big Band & Peacock story:

As a mission from G.U.N, Team Dark breaks into the Anti-Skullgirls labs in search for Dr. Eggman..........but they find Big Band and Peacock in there...........

An Vector, Espi…

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Zombiekiller14 Zombiekiller14 25 August 2018

Skullgirls 2nd Encore is coming to the Nintendo Switch

It's over a month late. I've been wanting to bring this out, but I've haven't been able to do so until now. (I'm also surprised that no one has made a post on this.)

Lab Zero Games has announced that Skullgirls 2nd Encore is will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2019. The news was announced at Anime Expo 2018 in July, although no release date has been comfirmed yet.

Previously available on PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PC, the game will showcase 14 playable fighters, a fully-voiced story mode, online play and a soundtrack by the legendary Michiru Yamane. It's also famous for its rather racy character designs and inventive special moves.

The original Skullgirls was in contention for a release on Wii U, but the developer said the low sales of …

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BMHater12 BMHater12 3 July 2018

Something, lol


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Skullkarus Skullkarus 16 February 2018


Is correcting grammar/punctuation/spelling inside posts not allowed? Just wondering because those are the only edits I'm capable of :p

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Jasper the Quartz Gem Jasper the Quartz Gem 5 January 2017

Just looking for users that might wanna chat

Hi yeah i am a really big Skullgirls fan for months now i just want to see and find some people around this wiki that might be fans cause i want to chat if possible, if anyone is out there and willing to chat i would appreciate it cause i got alot to talk about thanks

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RuRuben Madrid RuRuben Madrid 14 November 2016

Skull girls fever

Skull Girls fever forever

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MrYokaiAndWatch902 MrYokaiAndWatch902 3 October 2016

Fan-made Hero!

Mia and Jake

Stitched Friends

One day a murder came. A murder with a chainsaw that is. Mia and Jake tended to survived, only sliced in half. At the hospital, Jake wakes up and noticed that they got stitched together.  Thanks to the hospital, a spirit possessd them when they walked out. Now they murdered the murder, and gone kinda crazy.

Still, they're on the Good Side!

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Kaizo Nochi Kaizo Nochi 30 August 2016

My Skullgirls character

Here's my idea of a new Skullgirls character who is an expy of Faust from Guilty Gear. He's 9'7 and weighs at 243 lbs and is one of the scientists that was responsible for giving Peacock her abilities as his abilities (which he was born with) serve as the basis for the Avery Engine and the power source. An example of this is his final blockbuster special which involves him removing his burlap sack covered head to reveal a huge machine turret (Which is a shout out to Fulgore's No Mercy finisher) piloted by a miniature version of himself is a more powerful version of Peacock's Argus Agony.

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Kaizo Nochi Kaizo Nochi 23 June 2016

My Skullheart forum profile

Feel free to check me out.

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CactusPearGamer CactusPearGamer 13 June 2016

Here is a blog post.

Can I have that achievement now?

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LeLightGurl LeLightGurl 22 August 2015

What's some theories that's up in your mind about the Skullgirls DLC?

What are some theroies that you guys have ?

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Evacino Evacino 18 August 2015

Skullgirls 2nd Encore to be published by Arc System Works in Japan

Arc System Works (most well known as the developers of the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue fighting game series) have announced that they will be cooperating with Lab Zero Games to publish the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions of Skullgirls 2nd Encore in Japan. Alongside this announcement was the reveal that the game will also feature a full Japanese voiceover for its overseas release courtesy of the Japanese publisher!

While the full cast hasn't yet been revealed, the Japanese games site GamesTalk divulged that Filia's Japanese voice actress will be , well-known for her roles in both anime and video games. She has interestingly enough worked on dubbing an English game before, having voiced Anderson in the Japanese dub of Call of Duty: Black Ops I…

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Cherryblossomfan1234 Cherryblossomfan1234 11 July 2015

Which Skullgirl do you like? ( August 2015 )

Let's vote! And the winning Skullgirl will be the Skullgirl of August 2015!

  • No votes yet, be the first to vote!
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SomeBronyGuy SomeBronyGuy 20 June 2015

I'm the guy that pledged for the anthro pony in the background of the Glass Cannopy stage and for the R-Dash5000 skin color for Robo Fortune

Yea, what the title says, I'm that guy that made the pony stuff for the game 😝

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SomeBronyGuy SomeBronyGuy 12 June 2015


Not sure if its significant or not, so I'll include a pic (updated version) of the character it was based off of and you can decide. As for the skull heart page could you contact for me. Character name: Matt "Sgt. Brony" If you want, you can either link it to my twitter @sgt_brony or my deviant page

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Evacino Evacino 3 June 2015

Pre-2nd Encore priority list!

Most Important:

  • All stage pages up to date and of equal quality.
  • All character pages up to date and of equal quality.
  • Update Voice Pack Listing page and other character '/Quotes' pages.
  • Create 'Taunt' page.
  • Make it clear on 'Skullgirls', 'Skullgirls Encore' and 'Skullgirls 2nd Encore' pages the difference between versions for filthy causals general community clarity.
  • Add info on Queen of the Hill Mode.
  • Prepare for the great Robo-pocalypse of July 2015.

Secondary Importance:

  • Crediting voice actors/actresses on Voice Actor Listing page.
  • Completing all character '/Script' pages.
  • Complete merchandise pages.
  • Update infoboxes with new format.
  • Organize galleries with new images (and complete my previous blog post on images)
  • Update HUD/Basic Mechanics/Advanced M…
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J.J. Chambers J.J. Chambers 25 May 2015

VS Battles

Hello, everyone!

Can you join it? If you're interested in them, then here you go.

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Evacino Evacino 25 March 2015

Oh God this took me ages image gallery -- Still ongoing!

This is a temp. storage for images that had not been uploaded onto the wiki. These images are to be placed into their character galleries. This Blog will be deleted after all the images here move onto the correct pages.

Any repeat images are deliberate!!! I have checked for quality, and these are better!

Images from Alex Ahad's Tumblr, DeviantArt and Danbooru.
​Another good link=Reverge Lab's old flickr
PLUS: Look back at the other artist accounts/websites/twitter/tumblr for IGG Backer Postcards.


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Jcldragon Jcldragon 6 March 2015

New Meridian

just wondering, I know its currently a Category page, but does anyone think New Meridian should be its own page with info on the actual city? like the Canopy Kingdom page. linking the different stages and non-stage parts of the city. plus a place to put some trivia and location pics too. I don't care if it becomes a page or not just thought it would help with sort out info and stuff. even found this pic that be used? anyway just bringing out there.what do you guys think?

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Delphox Delphox 4 December 2014

Just a draft

List of removed colours:


  • Original colors
  • Original colors
  • Original colors
  • Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers series)
  • Earthworm Jim (Earthworm Jim)
  • Original color that looked like Vocaloids


  • Original colors
  • Unknown
  • Kikuri-Hime (Shin Megami Tensei)

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Banksia Banksia 9 November 2014

To-Do List

  • Clean categories
  • Categorize images
  • Character profiles
    • Formatting
    • Character vote text (I keep losing this)
    • Rewrite info into coherent paragraphs
  • Move List pages: break down tabs (reference FGO wiki)
    • Shout-outs/references section
  • Navbox(es)
  • (Interwiki) links
  • Source dat shit
  • Move lists table formatting
  • Template instructions/info (example among other things)

so much to do, so much to do, not enough time

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Delphox Delphox 18 October 2014


So I've been thinking, because that's what I do: Should we make a page about SkullMod? Most other wikiwhatevers have articles on fan-made modding applications/fan-made mods so yeah.

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Skullgirl2014 Skullgirl2014 11 October 2014

Really excited

well i finally joined the skullgirls wiki and i really like it so far i feel i can express my opinions freely without sounding so strange. i have been a fan since 2013 at first i was skeptical of the game so i decided to give it a try by buying it. i was shocked at well made the game was and the artwork won me over and sine then i was hooked. I recently played Eliza's story and i gotta say thank you lab zero this is the best story in the game so far!

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SuperMario2 SuperMario2 16 August 2014

The Quotebox

I'm actually quite proud of this!

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Zombiekiller14 Zombiekiller14 31 July 2014

This wiki needs a new background.

We had this background for this wiki for two years now. I believe we're in need of new background. Any ideas? Know anyone who can make a background?

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SuperMario2 SuperMario2 8 July 2014

Mass navbox edits

I got really board today so I decided to add the navbox to as many pages as I could.

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LabRatsBrase LabRatsBrase 6 July 2014

Favorite Skullgirls Characters

1) Marie

2) Peacock

3) Parasoul

4) Ms.Foturne

5) Painwheel



That's my 7 favorite skullgirls charatcers.

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LabRatsBrase LabRatsBrase 6 July 2014

Skullgirl thoughts

Hi, so I want to give what I think about skullgirls.

I never played it, BUT this is what I think about it.

1) I think it's cool. I love fighting games!

And also, I'll be sharing my favorite charatcer.

2) My favortie charatcer is Marie,Filia,Parasoul,Valentine and Ms.Fortune.

My blog sucked, deal with it. I don;t know much about skullgirls.


Twitter: TomodachiVikki

Skype: savvy.heart

Youtube: LabRatsBrase

If you want to contact me, there you go!

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NekoShonen236 NekoShonen236 19 June 2014

First Blog and I don't know what to put here.

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SuperMario2 SuperMario2 16 June 2014

For the badge.

Yay ten more points!

Feel free to use this if you want to get the badge.

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Banksia Banksia 11 June 2014


So much we can do with it, yo.

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Banksia Banksia 9 June 2014

Complaints from forums

  • Copypasting from Shoryuken wiki
  • Uploading unreleased content
  • Fanart (especially sexually charged fanart)
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Banksia Banksia 3 June 2014


  • Fanart
  • Status categories
  • Combos?
  • Unlockable game content

PSA just my personal feelings on the matter and will not act on unless majority rules.

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Zombiekiller14 Zombiekiller14 30 May 2014

Need help on the userboxes

Do you think you guys could add something on the character userboxes? I'm thinking adding a section of the character's voice actor/actress. I tried to do it myself, but it didn't work out.

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Evacino Evacino 28 May 2014

Art Gallery Cinematics

I have been adding screenshots of the images found in the Art Gallery lately, and while I'm not quite there yet, I am coming close to the inevitable Cinematics section.

My original plan was too upload them as tiny video galleries, were clicking on them would play the video on an enlarged screen. Problem is I am unsure how to record off Steam, which is the only system I play the game on. :/ Along with being too stingy to pay for/download a video software.

So my other ideas include:

  1. Take screenshots of the images + text in the cutscenes and group them together in a tag somehow. Kind of like a slideshow of the scene without the music.
  2. Take the photos of the thumbnails of the cutscenes only (though most of them are the same image of a Filia silhoue…
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Delphox Delphox 27 May 2014

Source is love. Source is life.

There sure is a lot of fan-art on this wiki. Yup.

A lot of it is unsourced too, which is a shame. What if someone wants to see more art that a specific artist has done? Egh. Not to get all Tumblr on you, but I think we should start saucing the fanart used. As you can see from the Filia page, I've begun to source the fanart on character's articles to the best of my ability, which is using reverse image-searching tools like SauceNAO, Google's Search by Image function etc. It's better than nothing, that's for sure. Also apologies to the original artists if I wasn't able to source you/used an incorrect source, you're more than welcome to contact me.

If I'm unable to find a source for any fanart posted onto the wikia, I'll leave it marked 'unknow…

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SpyroBiel SpyroBiel 19 May 2014

DLC or Update Pallete Swap Wishlist

Just a list of some pallets for the current confirmed cast that I'd like to see in either future DLC or updates. I'll update it as I feel.

  • Fillia
    • Mawile(Pokémon)
  • Cerebella
    • N/A
  • Peacock
    • Dot Warner(Animaniacs)
  • Parasoul
    • Velma(The Scooby-Doo Show, ect.)
  • Ms. Fortune
    • Blaze the Cat(Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Painwheel
    • Royal Jordanian(U.S. Air Force)
  • Valentine
    • N/A
  • Double
    • Partially-hardened lava
    • Multi-colored modeling clay
  • Squigly
    • N/A
  • Big Band
    • N/A
  • Fukua
    • Shiny Mawile(Pokémon)
    • Fillia "mask"(storymode unlock)
  • Eliza
    • Kanaya Maryam(Homestuck)
  • Beowulf
    • Scooby-Doo and Shaggy(The Scooby-Doo Show, ect.)
    • Jak and Daxter(Jak and Daxter)
  • Robo-Fortune
    • Metal Sonic(Sonic the Hedgehog)
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Super Sub-Zero Super Sub-Zero 15 May 2014

Alternate Colors not appearing, and some are locked?

Okay, so when I select an alternate color, it says colors 7, 8, 9 and sometimes 10 are locked. How do I unlock them? I tried looking it up, but I couldn't find anything.

Plus, when I select an alternate color, and I'm scrolling through the list, colors 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 do not appear. For an example: I can be on Color 13, but when I press over, it skips me to Color 19.

I know there is some DLC, so maybe that's why some of the Colors aren't appearing, but what about the locked ones? Does anyone know how to unlock them?

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Milliampress Milliampress 12 May 2014

Skullgirls DLC opinions.

Well we know the Indiegogo fundraiser has been over for quite some time, weeeeeeellllll it left me very unsatisfied because I voted for those two sexy goddesses and they both went kaput, a lot of people accused me of voting because of a fetish, but I wanted them for legitimate reasons. First off I wanted Aeon because notice how she remains fascinated with humans, I mean she's an otaku and plays skullgirls, this could hint at a possible split in opinion of humans from Aeon, and she could possibly not want to destroy them like Lamia and Venus wanted. I also wanted Venus, namely for the same reason, but only to see why the trinity want to destroy humans, and who or what double is, and also this Lamia/Mother person is as well. In conclusion, I…

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