The Black Egret army, as seen in Parasoul's Story.

The Black Egrets are a group of soldiers serving under Princess Parasoul. They wear brownish outfits and a mask leaving only their yellow eye goggles. They are loyal to the royal family and will protect them with their lives.


Very little is known about The Black Egrets history. However, it is likely they were around during the time Queen Nancy became the Skullgirl. It is unknown when the group was created but they could have been protecting the family for generations.

Notable membersEdit


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  • The weapons the Black Egrets use are also the weapons that Germany used in WWII, such as the Maschinenpistole 40 (MP 40), Sturmgewehr 44 (StG 44), and the Maschinengewehr 42 (MG 42). They can be seen during Parasoul's Blockbuster "Inferno Brigade" and during some of Parasoul's story mode cutscenes.
  • The Black Egret's flag is based on the flag of Nazi Germany, but with an umbrella replacing the swastika.
  • Despite sharing visual similarities and equipment with the soldiers of Nazi Germany, the Egrets have a differing belief system. Alex Ahad has stated that the Egrets are open to people "from any and all walks of life." as opposed to the racially exclusive Nazi units.
  • The Black Egrets have different divisions and hence variants on the uniform. Pictures of officers with trench coats and military caps exist in concept art.
  • When one of the Egrets guarding Parasoul will mutter "Well Excuse me, Princess" which is a direct reference to the Legend of Zelda 1989 cartoon series, in which the main character, Link, would utter the phrase in each episode.
  • There appears to be a total of six "generic" Egrets that directly serve and aid Parasoul in battle according to the picture shown in Parasoul's story mode. However, only four appear in Parasoul's original intro, and only five distinct voices can be heard when summoning them. It is possible one of the six is "Number 13", the sniper who fires during one of Parasoul's blockbusters, or there may simply be more not shown in the story mode picture.
  • Black egrets (also known as black herons) are birds that hunt by cupping their wings into a dome attracting fish into the shade provide by their wings. This method is called "canopy feeding".
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