"You were almost a kill sandwich!" - Big Band (Resonant Evil)

Big Band (Resonant Evil) is a Dark-type Silver fighter. His role is classified as "Counter".


Character Ability: CAN'T STOP THE BEAT Edit

While dashing, Big Band cannot be interrupted (but will take damage normally)

Signature Ability: MASTER OF UNBLOCKING Edit

  • Getting HIT has a 10% chance to grant ARMOR for 5 seconds
  • Gain a 5% chance when HIT to STUN opponent for 2 seconds if you have ARMOR


Fighting With Resonant Evil Edit

Both of Resonant Evil Big Band's Signature Abilities go hand in hand, so the first part of making this card powerful is making sure you unlock both abilities. This character is great for any defensive capabilities, as a full-length combo from the opponent can be interrupted by his stun ability. Though it's less likely to happen, it's great to utilize the stun knockback to the best of your advantage. However, Big Band isn't as powerful as Epic Sax or Private Dick, but he still is important, and in some instances makes the difference in a battle. You'll want to use him in defense teams for Prize Fights, as he can be very difficult to overcome.

Fighting Against Resonant Evil Edit

As stated earlier, Resonant Evil Big Band's Signature Abilities can be very difficult to overcome. But, it's not impossible to beat him. One tactic to dealing with stun is to watch for when his armor comes into play. The stun only happens when Big Band has armor of some sort, so once he gets armor, you can either launch him into an air combo, activate a blockbuster, or fall back and use projectiles. An alternative to this is using a character that can use INVINCIBLE and UNFLINCHING, such as Big Top Cerebella or Untouchable Peacock, to counteract the stun.

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