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"Just close your eyes and follow the beatdown." - Big Band (Epic Sax)

Big Band (Epic Sax) is a Light-type fighter and his role is classified as "Damage".

Signature Ability Edit

Big Band (Epic Sax)'s signature ability is CIRCULAR BREATHING

  • Gain 2% damage bonus per COMBO HIT, up to a 100% bonus
  • Gain a random beneficial COMBAT EFFECT for every 20 COMBO HITS

Essential Data:

Birthday: December 15

Blood: B

Height: 7 ‘7

Weight: 5000 pounds (95 pounds organic)

Likes: A good beat, brass polish, shoe polish, 4-part harmony, Autumn leaves, the flat 5th, the spirit of the law, gin (neat)

Dislikes: Punks, Corruption, Unresolved Dissonance, Carelessness, Electric Shavers, Narrow Spaces, Smoothies.

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