Honky Tonk
Big Band pulls out a tiny horn to honk at the opponent. Chains twice.
Big Band hits the opponent with a triangle. Chains twice.
Tenor Blast
Mildly-damaging sound blasts out of Big Band's side.
Free Form
Big Band swings out his trumpet to hit the opponent.
Big Band thrusts two trombones forward. Chains twice.
Baritone Blast
Medium-damage sound blasts out of Big Band's side.
Air Mail Special
Big Band swings a saxophone up to launch the opponent.
Big Band leans back before slamming a tuba on the ground. Causes Sound Stun.
Bass Blast
High-damage sound blasts out of Big Band's side.
Hot Socks
Big Band hits the opponent with a kick pedal. Hits low.
Sharp Note
An oboe pops out of Big Band's leg to poke the opponent.
Jelly Roll
Big Band hits the opponent with a tambourine. Hits three times.
Pneumatic Slide
Big Band pulls his leg up, hitting the opponent with a trombone. Chains twice.
Bass Drop
Big Band blasts sound all around him, pulling the opponent closer on hit.
Sweet Clarinet
Big Band thrusts a clarinet below him to hit the opponent. Chains twice, the second hit hitting multiple times and allowing Big Band to float.
Kick Stand
Big Band leans back on a music stand to kick in front of himself.
Low Rank
Big Band thrusts multiple organ pipes forward to knock the opponent over. Hits low.
5000lb Slam
Big Band throws his legs forward to kick the opponent.

Heavy Toll
Ground throw. Big Band traps the opponent in a bell. Causes Sound Stun.
(In air) LPLK
High Toll
Air throw. Big Band grabs the opponent and breaks a bell around them.


DP + P
Beat Extend
Big Band pulls the opponent up in a tambourine; the speed and duration of the attack varying with the P button used; the HP version being throw invincible. Uses Sound Stun and can hit multiple times.
4 (hold), 6 + P
Brass Knuckles
Big Band charges forward with a brass-knuckle punch; the P button varying the distance and safety of the attack.
Xx K
Emergency Break
Big Band cancels the dash from "Brass Knuckles". Useful for safety and for faking the attack.
4 (hold), 6 + K
Take the 'A' Train
Big Band charges forward to catch the opponent and sends them flying cross the stage; the K button varying the effects of the attack. The LK version grabs right in front of Big Band, catching ground opponents only. The MK and HK versions are anti-air grabs, the MK version tracking the opponent but having less range than the HK version.
Xx P
Emergency Break
Big Band cancels the dash from "Take The 'A' Train". Useful for safety and for faking the attack.
Giant Step
Big Band steps on a giant kick pedal to hit the opponent overhead. The HK version causes an unblockable earthquake that launches grounded opponents up and towards Big Band if the initial hit misses. Causes Sound Stun.
(In air) QCB + K
Cymbal Clash
Big Band slams a pair of cymbals together to hit the opponent. Hits multiple times and uses Sound Stun.
6 + HP + MP + LP + 6
Bagpipe Blues
Bagpipe Blues
Big Band's taunt. Big Band deploys and plays bagpipes. Performing this taunt successfully adds additional attacks to Big Band's Level 1 Blockbusters.

Team Moves

'A' Train Express
Tag In
Take Five


Super-Sonic Jazz
Level 1 Blockbuster. Big Band transforms into a French Horn and charges forward hitting multiple times, the last hit launching the opponent up and behind Big Band.
Xx (After Bagpipe Blues)
Activates at the end of "Super-Sonic Jazz" if Big Band's Taunt was used beforehand. Big Band punches the opponent several times, ending with a final punch that knocks them back. Hold any P to skip.
(In air) QCF + KK
Tympany Drive
Level 1 Blockbuster. Big Band pulls out several timpani and bangs on them with mallets causing multiple sound blasts to shoot out of the bottom of each timpani. Big Band floats and can move around during the attack.
Xx (After Bagpipe Blues)
Death Toll
Activates at the end of "Tympany Drive" if Big Band's Taunt was used beforehand. Big Band grabs the opponent's head and traps them in a bell which he violently rings seconds later, launching them up. Hold any K to skip.
Strike Up the Band
Level 3 Blockbuster. Big Band stomps on the ground causing rows of trumpets to shoot up out of the ground. Each row knocks the opponent back until the final row knocks the opponent into the center of the trumpets to get a flurry of high-damage sound blasts shot at them.
(during MP) LP, 2 + LK, LP, LPMP OR (quickly) LP, 2 + LK, LP, LPMP
Satchmo Solo
Level 5 Blockbuster. Big Band pulls out his trumpet and holds there for seven seconds, allowing the player to play a tune.
Satchmo Death Blow
At anytime during "Satchmo Solo", the player can input QCF + PP to cancel into the actual attack, a flurry of dozens of punches, ending with a final punch that sends the opponent flying back into the wall and causing a wall bounce.

General StrategiesEdit

Playing as Big BandEdit

A big character with a heavy moveset, Big Band is great for players who want to lay down their opponents with hard-hitting moves while playing smooth jazz tunes.

Don't let the big size of this character fool you: he has a moveset with some special properties that can effectively make good infinity combos or controlling the tide of the battle. The 'special properties' is that his attacks apply a Sound Stun, a slightly long stun that can help for hit confirms or chaining into combos.

Playing Big Band can be a bit weird at first for beginners, but after a little bit of practice, you'll be rockin' tunes with this lovable character (assuming you have him). 

First, I'll touch on some key Specials and normal Moves:

Beat Extend  A good starter to go into neutral or extended air combos. The LP version is faster but deals the least damage, the MP version does moderate damage, and the HP version has a slow startup but does the most damage and has throw invincibility. 

Brass Knuckles  The reason why Big Band can really control the entire stage. The LP version is fast but has little travel distance, the MP in most cases is a safe version to use against experienced fighters, and the HP is a high risk, high reward  version that travels almost the entire screen. (Remember, holding any P or K button during the animation of Brass Knuckles will stop Big Band, allowing you to trick opponents. This move is called Emergency Brake).

Take the 'A' Train  A nice grab that allows for some sick combos. The LP version is a slow two hitter and is the only version that hits horizontally. The MP and HP versions are meant as anti air, but with a difference. The MP grab "catches" an airborne enemy on its way immediately, has shorter range than the Heavy version, and is a three hitter. The HP will be the bread n' butter of the combo I have practiced, as it is a 4 hitter.

c.MK This move has sound coming out from the top and sides of Big Band. It pulls enemies to your direction - which includes "bouncing to other side" of you providing that they are airborne and are very close to you.

c.MP Press this twice to have trombones hitting your opponent twice. Safe for hit confirmation, and you can pull the second hit out a bit late to trick your opponent.

c.HP A big horn comes out and applies a Sound Stun. This attack is a good starter for ground to air or just BM'ing your opponent when they have less than 5% health left.

Giant Step  This is an Overhead attack for Big Band, and the HK version of this is VERY useful, since it causes an unblockable quake that will pull foes near Big Band if the opponent is out of the mallet's range. Lighter versions can be used to trick or combined with low hits to open up a blocking opponent.

Bagpipe Blues By inputting forward, HP, MP, LP, forward, you will trigger Big Band's taunt, Bagpipe Blues. This will enhance his next Super-Sonic Jazz or Tympany Drive Blockbusters. Hold any P button to taunt for longer (only visual effect, does not enhance his Blockbuster further), but beware as his taunt only takes effect if the animation is fully finished.

Sound Parry The thing that makes Big Band a big ol' sack of bad manners. Pressing the direction of an incoming attack right as the move connects allows Big Band to do a parry that no other fighter can do. This allows a surpising turn of events in the heat of a fight, as it usually recovers Big Band from blockstun immediately and open up an opportunity to strike back.

Blockbuster Study

Super-Sonic Jazz:  A Level 1 Blockbuster with 2 armor that costs 1 Tension meter. You will use this a whole lot at the end of your combos. It's fast and deals easy heavy damage, especially after being augmented by Bagpipe Blues. When augmented, Big Band gains 21 hits of hyper armor and will unleash a TUBA TUBA attack, dealing much more damage for this Level 1 Blockbuster.

Tympany Drive:  A Level 1 Blockbuster that rains down drum beats on your opponents. This allows Big Band to fly and reposition if needed. While it does deal some relatively low damage, augmenting Tympany Drive with Bagpipe Blues will push that damage just a bit further and potentially allow for follow-ups. This super does NOT have hyper armor.

Strike Up the Band:  A Level 3 Blockbuster that covers *almost* the entire screen. Use this to finish off an opponent or catch someone off guard when they are not paying attention to Tension meters. This causes Big Band to stomp the ground and make trumpets knock up and hit the opponent with devastating honks. Yeah.

Satchmo Solo:  A Level 5 Blockbuster that whips out Big Band's trumpet and freezes time. During this whole time, you have around 7 seconds to perform meme solos or end a fight in style with Satchmo Death Blow.

Satchmo Death Blow:  The reason why Big Band is a meme character. The commands can be inputted during Satchmo Solo to release a devastating flurry of Brass Knuckles. This is also where he shouts TUBA!

Important Combo to practice: This combo can be used after Satchmo Death Blow since it bounces your opponent around c.LK, c.MP, c.HP then Take the 'A' Train HK version=EZ damage.

Takeaway: If opponents underestimate you, they're in for a surprise. Use your heavy hitting attacks and big hitboxes to your advantage. Sound Parry is very useful, but requires practice and timing.

And with that, you will be able to play jazz.

Playing Against Big BandEdit

Big Band is a large character, so it becomes precisely difficult to counter hit him. His attacks create a huge and effective damage.

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