"Cause Beowulf says so." - Beowulf (Cold Stones)


Beowulf (Cold Stones) is a Water-type Fighter and his role is classified as "Damage".

Character Ability: HYPE MODE Edit

Use 3x THROWS and/or JUGGLE FINISHERS to enable HYPE MODE. During HYPE MODE, THROWS cannot be broken, and many attacks feature surprising upgrades!

Signature Ability: OUT COLD Edit

  • Throws have a 5% chance to inflict STUN on the enemy for 6 seconds
  • 25% bonus damage against STUNNED opponents


Cold Stones is the easiest of the two bronze types of Beowulf to use, as his abilities allow him to deliver a ridiculous combo game with almost no real effort. He is however somewhat reliant on the moves he has equipped, but even without moves he is a menace in player hands due to his air juggle ender naturally being a throw.


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