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Skullgirls Encore - Beowulf Voice and SFX Reel

The voice of Beowulf is provided by Kai Kennedy.

A first time character voice actor who got the job after uploading a voice reel to YouTube and passing a later audition, he is a fan of the game and has an active account on the official Skullheart Forums.

Being Selected

  • Runnin' wild!

Pre-round Introduction

  • Finally, the Wulf has come back to New Meridian! (Various stages)
  • Finally, the Wulf has come back to Little Innsmouth! (Little Innsmouth stage)
  • Finally, the Wulf has come back to Maplecrest! (Maplecrest and Nightmare Crest stages)
  • Finally, the Wulf has come back to Canopolis! (Glass Canopy stage)
  • Finally, the Wulf has come back t--! Wait, what? (Gehenna stage)
  • Step on board the AROOO train!
  • It's time, it's time! It's BEOWULF time!
  • I am 287 pounds of folded steel, and sex appeal!
  • The Big Bad Wulf is your hookup.
  • Eat lightning, crap thunder. Got it, got it.
  • How many of you am I dealing with here? (vs. Filia)
  • Let's see what you've got! (vs Cerebella)
  • I told ya it ain't real! Go home, kid. (vs Peacock)
  • I'm a real Canopian! (vs Parasoul)
  • You might have guessed I'm not a cat person... (vs Ms. Fortune)
  • The big bad wolf is your hook up. (vs Valentine)
  • You're done fooling me! (vs Double)
  • To be the man... AROOO! I'm gonna beat Big Band! (vs Big Band)
  • There's only room for one leader of this pack! (vs Beowulf)
  • Crimson Scourge, you'll be wearing a crimson mask! (vs Eliza)
  • You better have a warranty! (vs Robo-Fortune)
  • When did we switch to TV-PG? (vs. Umbrella) (Unused)


  • What? (s.LP)
  • Hammer! (s.HP)
  • Heads up! (s.HP)
  • Wolf kick! (s.MK)
  • Lone boot! (s.HK)
  • Sweet! (s.HK)
  • Laid it! (c.MP)
  • Nosebleed! (c.HP)
  • High spot! (c.HP)
  • Hey, catch! (Hurting Hurl L)
  • All's "chair!" (Hurting Hurl L)
  • "Chair" we go! (Hurting Hurl M)
  • Have a seat! (Hurting Hurl M)
  • Hold this for me! (Hurting Hurl H)
  • Take a load off! (Hurting Hurl H)
  • Yes! (Clinch Up > Naegling Knee Lift)
    • YES! (Delivering final hit)
  • No! (Clinch Up > Naegling Knee Lift)
    • NO! (Delivering final hit)
  • Botched it! (Failed grab)
  • One twenty inch PYTHON! (Gigantic Arm)
  • Gigantic... ARM! (Gigantic Arm)
  • Lay the Hurting down! (Airwulf)
  • Whatcha gonna do? (Airwulf)
  • Cry for the moon! (Three Wulf Moonsault)
  • Glowin' in the dark! (Three Wulf Moonsault)
  • Wulfamania runs wild! (Wulfamania!)
  • OHHH YEAAAAHHH! (Wulfamania!)
  • It doesn't matter! (Burst)
  • You shootin' on me?! (Burst)
  • Botched it! (Whiffed grab)
  • Jabroni! (Escaping a grab)
  • Bang-bang! (Escaping a grab)
  • Hell, yeah. (Ground shot)


  • CAAAN YOOOU DIG IT?! (Switching out)
  • Know your role! (Switching out)
  • They're ready! (Switching out)
  • Filia! (Switching out with Filia)
  • "Sampson!" (Switching out with Filia)
  • Cerebella! (Switching out with Cerebella)
  • Fangirl! (Switching out with Cerebella)
  • Peacock! (Switching out with Peacock)
  • Andy! (Switching out with Peacock)
  • Parasoul! (Switching out with Parasoul)
  • Painwheel! (Switching out with Painwheel)
  • Valentine! (Switching out with Valentine)
  • Ms.Fortune! (Switching out with Ms.Fortune)
  • Double! (Switching out with Double)
  • Imposter! (Switching out with Double)
  • Squigly! (Switching out with Squigly)
  • Big Band! (Switching out with Big Band)
  • On you, brother! (Switching out with Big Band)
  • Eliza! (Switching out with Eliza)
  • Robo-Fortune! (Switching out with Robo Fortune)
  • Marie! (Switching out with Marie) (Unused)
  • Umbrella! (Switching out with Umbrella) (Unused)
  • Hey, behind ya! (Switching in)
  • I'll take it from here! (Switching in)
  • Give him a big hand. (Tagged in by Big Band)
  • Hey, nice job. (Switching in with Ms.Fortune)
  • Yeah, whatever... (Switching in with Double)
  • Hot Tag! (Switching in) 
  • Who's next? (Outtake)
  • I'm number one. (Outtake)
  • Made it so! (Outtake)
  • Into the trash it goes! (Into the Trash)
  • Opponent discarded! (Into the Trash)


  • Good heat... (Ground recovery)
  • Huff, puff... (Ground recovery)
  • Cover me! (Ground recovery)
  • Lighten up! (Ground recovery)
  • One count! (Ground recovery)
  • Only two! (Ground recovery)
  • It's true! (Opponent recovery)
  • Hope spot! (Opponent recovery)
  • You OK? (Opponent recovery)
  • Getting gassed? (Opponent recovery)
  • Slow it down! (Opponent recovery)


  • I'm the wildest there is, was, and ever will be!
  • The line for autographs starts here!
  • Everything I say is a catchphrase!
  • Say your vitamins and eat your prayers. (vs. Filia) (Unused)
  • You need to work on those promos if you wanna wear the strap. (vs Cerebella)
  • You aren't the only one with mind games. (vs Peacock)
  • Looks like you lost the rumble. (vs Parasoul)
  • Don't go to pieces on me, now! (vs Ms. Fortune)
  • Have a nice day. (vs Painwheel)
  • Howl back if ya hear me! (vs Valentine)
  • This business gets ugly enough without you. (vs Double)
  • ♪ SUUUPER DRAAAGON! ♪ (vs Squigly)
  • Somebody else sound the bell. (vs Big Band)
  • You got the spotlight, but I'm still king of the ring! (vs Eliza)
  • Now you know... I'm the real deal. (vs Beowulf)
  • Technology won't replace me that easy. (vs Robo-Fortune)
  • I am the legend killer! (vs Marie)


  • Heel... turn.
  • So... I'm still champ?
  • Hard camera...
  • Screwjob...
  • A winner... is you.
  • You got a heart. (vs Cerebella)
  • Not fake..? (vs. Peacock)
  • No needles! (vs. Valentine)
  • Corpsing... (vs. Squigly)
  • Dude? (vs. Big Band)
  • The hard way... (vs. Eliza)
  • Minus five stars! (Time out)
  • I'm pissed now! (Time out)


  • The Gigantic Arm Blockbuster is a reference to Spencer's Bionic Lancer Hyper Combo in Marvel VS Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.
    • Also, the quote "Gigantic... ARM!" is a reference to the quote "Bionic... ARM!" that Spencer yells while executing Bionic Lancer.
  • The Burst quote, "It doesn't matter!" is a reference to professional wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's famous and identical catchphrase.
    • The switching out quote "Know your role!" is also a reference to a Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson catchphrase, "Know your role and shut your mouth!"
  • The quote, "It's True!" reference to the former WWE Superstar Kurt Angle's quote "Oh it's true!"
  • The switching out quote "CAAAN YOOOU DIG IT?!" is a reference to professional wrestler and five time, five time, five time, five time, FIVE TIME WCW Champion, Booker T.
  • The Time Out Loss quote "Minus Five Stars!" is a direct quote of Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Bryan Alvarez, used when he reviewed Jenna Morasca and Sharmell's match from TNA Wrestling's Victory Road PPV in 2009.
  • The Loss quote "Heel... turn" is a pro wrestling term for when the goody, known as a "face", turns "heel", or becomes a baddie.
  • The Loss quote "Screwjob..." is a reference to the Montreal Screwjob, which was a match between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart in 1997, where due to backstage politics, Michaels was going to win, and Hart wasn't okay with this. The owner of the company called for the referee to ring the bell after Michaels put Hart in the Sharpshooter, Bret Hart's own finishing move, despite Hart not tapping out.
  • The loss quote "Corpsing..." is a theater term often used on pro wrestling for unintentionally breaking character by laughing. Used on Botchamania, with a clip of Macho Man Randy Savage in WCW going mad backstage and at one point, slapping Torrie Wilson in the face for laughing.
  • The loss quote "The hard way..." is a pro wrestling term for legitimately bleeding during a match without "blading", or using a razor to cut yourself, hence the phrase "bleeding the hard way".
  • The loss quote "A winner... is you." references the 1986 NES game Pro Wrestling, where the phrase appears in broken English after beating an opponent during a match.
  • The victory quote "Say your vitamins and eat your prayers." is a reference to pro wrestler Hulk Hogan's catchphrase "Say your prayers and take your vitamins."
  • The victory quote "I am the legend killer!" is a reference to pro wrestler Randy Orton's original gimmick, the Legend Killer.
  • The victory quote "SUUPER DRAAGON!" is a reference to independent pro wrestler and one of the six founders of indie league Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG), Super Dragon. More specifically, it references an incident where a chant for the aforementioned wrestler started in the crowd during a match against Hook Bombery, but quickly died down. One fan kept the chant going, shouting obnoxiously for almost the whole match, to the point where Super Dragon left the stage to scold the fan.
  • The victory quote "Howl back if you hear me!" is a reference to pro wrestler Scott Steiner's catchphrase "Holla if ya hear me!"
  • The victory quote "Have a nice day" is a direct quote of pro wrestler and New York Times best selling author Mick Foley, also known as Mankind, Cactus Jack, Dude Love.
  • The victory quote "You need to work on those promos if you wanna wear the strap." is a reference to pro wrestlers with good in-ring ability, but not a lot of charisma, being told they need to work on their promos, or interviews, if they want to wear the "strap", or belt.
  • The into quote, "Eat lighting, crap thunder. Got it, got it." is reference to the Rocky quote, "Like the guy says, you're gonna eat lightning and you're gonna crap thunder!"
  • When escaping a grab, Beowulf will yell "Jabroni". This is a term that was popularized by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and is used to refer to someone who's a loser, a wimp, or a coward.
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