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Skullgirls OST - Bath of Tefnut (Eliza's theme)


Skullgirls Encore OST - An Oasis of Blood (Bath of Sekhmet)

Bath of Tefnut is a stage in Skullgirls Encore. A lavish bathhouse acting as Eliza's place of residence, it features many references to Ancient Egyptian culture and holds a dark secret especially tailored to Eliza's twisted desires.

Bath of Tefnut has two similar stage variants; 'Bath of Tefnut' and 'Bath of Sekhmet'. Both stages are first encountered in Eliza's story mode, and can be unlocked for multiplayer and training use by completing her story. Alternatively, owning both Eliza and the character color bundle DLC will instantly unlock Bath of Tefnut and its variant.


At the end of Eliza's Story mode the bathhouse itself is implied to have multiple rooms other then the one shown as the stage. No details are given about the amount and location of said rooms, though it is suggested one of them may hold a crypt.

After returning to Eliza's quarters during Story Mode, Cerebella is ready to fight her when she decides to betray the Medici Mafia and take everything for herself. Even when she is defeated, she still remains defiant and mocks her. Eliza kills her by stabbing her before proceeding to the Grand Cathedral.

The Bath of Sekhmet is very similar to the Bath of Tefnut stage in terms of visuals. The only difference is the darker lighting and the fact that the water is now blood. Near of her Story Mode, Eliza has been ambushed by Filia and Squigly, determined to stop her and her evil plans. The water in the pool is replaced by blood and the sky is dark. Eliza has bested the two in the fight and imprisons them with the help of her servants.



  • The bathhouse is named after Tefnut, the Egyptian goddess of dew, rain and moisture.
  • Heavy movement on the stage causes several items in the background to move. These heavy movements include the tag-in of a character, getting hit when against a wall or jumping as Big Band. Effects make the potted plants, suspended boat and the statue of Nut shake and cause leaves to fall down from the ceiling.
  • Bath of Sekhmet is one of only two stage variants in the game to have unique music, with the other being "NMO Arena (Empty)".
    • Bath of Sekhmet used to use the same stage music as Bath of Tefnut until the April 17, 2015 patch update.
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