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Avery (JP: エイブリー) is the small blue fanged bipedal Peacock dressed like his "boss" Peacock, and has tail feathers resembling Peacock's Argus System and pure black eyes resembling Peacock's hollow eye sockets, where her eyes had once been before she was maimed as a slave.

Having been created by the Avery Unit, one of the two of Peacock's Synthetic Parasites, capable of manipulating space and reality, summoning objects and creating sentient beings, such as Avery himself and Andy Anvil, Tommy Ten-Tons, Curious George and Lonesome Lenny. Together, the five strange beings become Peacock's friends and a squad that protect Peacock and help her defeat the Skullgirl.


Avery is brash, immature and childish much like Peacock, as seen in Big Band's story mode, where he tells Big Band "Scram! Beat it! Get out of here you big mook!" while sticking his tongue out. He also seems to have a somewhat violent, aggressive side to him, similar to Peacock, as he menacingly wields a knife, and shows off Ottomo's (a robot working for the Medicis) severed head, impaled by his knife, at the end of Peacock's story mode, after having slaughtered through Medici goons with Peacock and her gang at the Medici Tower, and facing Lorenzo Medici and Black Dahlia to finish off Marie's goal of wiping off the corrupt Medicis who had wronged her. Along with the rest of Peacock's friends created by the Avery System, he is very loyal and close to Peacock, calling her "boss" just like the rest of his squad, helping her in taking down the Skullgirl and any of her other endeavors, and always seen siding with and defending her. At the beginning of Peacock's story mode he is also seen to have a good relationship with the rest of Peacock's gang, as he talks casually with Andy Anvil.

General InformationEdit

Despite seemingly being the closest of the beings created by the Avery System to Peacock, being dressed and looking exactly like her, and is most often seen with her, he was not the first to be created. As shown in Skullgirls Mobile, Tommy Ten-Tons was first created while Peacock was watching cartoons in Lab 8, being abruptly found by Big Band when he tried getting Peacock to go along with running tests on her, when Tommy Ten-Tons jumped out and proceeded to fight him since Big Band wanted to stop Peacock from watching cartoons, trying to teach him some manners. Andy Anvil was then created, fighting Big Band and then teaming up with Tommy Ten-Tons to take him down together. Both had a fully developed personality and adult intelligence right after being created, presumably the same for Avery and the rest of Peacock's gang. Despite this, they don't question their existence or how they came to be, a sentiment shared by Peacock, who casually says "Beats me, Saxy-Pants." When Big Band inquires on if she knew who they were and what was happening. It is unknown if Avery and the rest of Peacock's gang know they are creations of the Avery Unit, however, Avery is shown manning the Argus System, one of Peacock's Synthetic Parasites, and they all knew how a Theonite detector, which can detect Skullgirls, worked, which means they have some level of understanding of Lab 8 technology.

While Andy Anvil and Tommy Ten-Tons were created based on cartoon characters Peacock watches, taken from her own mind, and Curious George and Lonesome Lenny were based from scientists in Lab 8, where Peacock lives, Avery seems to be based on Peacock herself, both being visually similar and very close.


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  • Avery is named after Tex Avery, a prolific cartoon animator who worked for the Warner Brothers. It is also a play on aves, the Latin term for a bird.
  • Avery is named "Patty Peacock" in various concept art, including Peacock's Model sheet, suggesting that Avery was originally intended to be female.
    • "Patty Peacock" could also be a reference to how old cartoon characters had their name first, then what species they were after. (e.g. Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse)
  • The fact that Avery is a male likely reflects on how a male peafowl is known as a peacock (with the female being known as a peahen.)
  • Due to his short stature, Avery stands on top of Lonesome Lenny when speaking in the story mode.
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