The Anti-Skullgirl Labs or ASG Labs were created to aid in the destruction of the Skullgirl, founded by Dr. Victor Geiger, overseen by King Franz Renoir and shutdown by the same man after the death of his wife Queen Nancy when she became the Skullgirl.[1] The ASG Labs originally had 9 divisions. Each of the labs has a "metric bunch" of scientists. There's no specified number. As of present, all of them have been shut down apart from Lab 8 and Lab 0. The original functions of each labs are:

  • Lab 1 and 2: Research labs which developed technology for the other labs
  • Lab 3: Super soldier development
  • Lab 4: Handheld weapon and vehicle development
  • Lab 5: Specialised weapons
  • Lab 6: Theonite research
  • Lab 7: Medical/Drug research
  • Lab 8: Synthetic parasites
  • Lab 0: The secret lab. Research Skullgirl blood​

The order of creation of the known ASG members are Black Dahlia, Brain Drain, Geiger, Big Band, Ileum, Hive, Leduc, Peacock and Painwheel, respectively.  Dahlia was the first but was under a different context. Big Band and Ileum are from the same generation before the Grand War. Hive and Leduc were introduced around the same time. Peacock came a bit later. Painwheel was developed in Lab 0 in tandem with Peacock.


  • The Last Hope nurses were originally members of Lab 7.
  • Lab 3 and 4 used to develop soldiers and weapons for the Canopian government in exchange for research resources for the Labs
  • Due to Lab 0's existence being undocumented, they could conduct much more amoral/immoral researches than the other labs
  • The kids in the back of Lab 8 are orphans with conditions that would have had trouble leading a regular life without Lab 8's help. One of the reasons Lab 8 originally went renegade was to prove they could help humanity outside of making weapons. The kids are written off as test subjects in order to justify taking care of them. The same was done people like Big Band and Peacock.
  • Each of the labs has a "metric bunch" of scientists. There's no specified number.


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