Skullgirls - Announcer & SFX ☿ HD ☿-0

Skullgirls - Announcer & SFX ☿ HD ☿-0

The voice of the Announcer is provided by Joshua Tomar.

John Dangerous is also credited as the voice of the 'Color Commentator', however his only lines are the laughing tracks that play after initiating a 'Happy Birthday' (defeating two characters at once).

There are alternate Voice Packs available to use in place of the standard voice. These voice packs use different quotes and are provided by different voice actors (excluding the Dazed Announcer voice pack, which is also provided by Joshua Tomar):

Character SelectedEdit

  • Filia! (When player selects Filia)
  • Cerebella! (when player selects Cerebella)
  • Peacock! (when player selects Peacock)
  • Parasoul! (When player selects Parasoul)
  • Ms. Fortune! (When player selects Ms. Fortune)
  • Painwheel! (When player selects Painwheel)
  • Valentine! (When player selects Valentine)
  • Double! (When player selects Double)
  • Squigly! (When player selects Squigly)
  • Big Band! (When player selects Big Band)
  • Fukua! (When player selects Fukua)
  • Fu-Fukua... (When player selects Fukua) (occurs randomly)
  • Eliza! (When player selects Eliza)
  • Beowulf! (When player selects Beowulf)
  • Robo-Fortune! (When player selects Robo-Fortune)
  • Marie! (When player selects Marie) (Unused)

Pre-round IntroductionEdit

  • Ladies and gentlemen[?], it's...Showtime!
  • Camera's rolling and...Action!
  • Everybody, mind your marks...Showtime!
  • Time to put on a show...Action!
  • This is true love we're making...Action!
  • Who will be our star be tonight...Action!
  • This is tuna with bacon...Let's rock!
  • Quiet on the set...Action!
  • It all depends on your skill...Let's rock!
  • The Gorilla Fate is yearning! Action!
  • Let's do this in one take! Action!
  • This battle is all in the mind...Let's rock!
  • Make it flashy guys...Action!
  • Everybody warmed up?...Showtime!
  • Nobody blink...Action!


  • Just a moment! 
  • Pause!
  • Hold it!
  • Quit lollygagging! (Unpaused)
  • Let's go! (Unpaused)
  • Fight! (Unpaused)


  • It's super effective! (Perfect!)
  • Just perfect. (Perfect!)
  • Impossible to gauge! (Perfect!)
  • GREAT! (Perfect!)
  • PERFECT! (Perfect!)
  • That's real Soviet Damage! (Glorious!)
  • Now you're playing with power! (Glorious!)
  • Now you're cooking with gas! (Glorious!)
  • An overwhelming victory! (Glorious!)
  • CUT! (K.O Callout)
  • Cut, cut, cut... (Win with barely any health)
  • Aghhhhh, COME ON! (Forgettable! or Barely!)
  • Call my bookie! (Forgettable! or Barely!)
  • So close! (Forgettable! or Barely!)
  • Don't that just beat all? (Forgettable! or Barely!)


  • You've got a lot to learn. (continue?)
  • Try again, kid! (continue?)
  • Is this how the story ends? (continue?)
  • You can't give up now! (continue?)
  • One more once! (Try again)
  • One more time! (Try again)
  • Pfft! You call THAT a fight? (Time up)
  • This racket's flopped... (Time up)

Round endEdit

  • Alright, alright, show's over.
  • Can I have a round of applause for our contestants!
  • Thats all, folks!
  • And now, a word from our sponsors! 
  • Thats a wrap.
  • Can anyone stop this fighting machine?!
  • Player 1 Wins! (Player 1)
  • Player 2 Wins! (Player 2)
  • WOO-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOO-HA-HA-HA-HA!... *Sigh* (Happy Birthday achievement)
  • Ah ha ha ha ha ha! (Happy Birthday achievement)
  • High pitch laugh* (Happy Birthday achievement)

NMO ArenaEdit

(while at Lv. 3 Hype Level with Beowulf)
  • What a hellacious impact! (Gigantic Arm)
  • My God, he broke him in half! (Gigantic Arm)
  • A high risk maneuver! (Airwulf)
  • No, it can't be. It is--! (Three Wulf Moonsault)
  • The wildest move in fighting games! (Three Wulf Moonsault)
  • Beowulf is runnin' wild! (Wulfamania)
  • No, they've gotta stop him! (Wulfamania)


  • "The Gorilla fate is yearning! Action!" is similar to the BlazBlue narrator's opening "The wheel of fate is turning! Rebel 1, action!".
  • "Let's rock!" comes from the Guilty Gear series.
  • "It's super effective!" is a reference to the Pokémon video game series.
  • "Now you're playing with power!" is a reference to the 1985 marketing campaign done by Nintendo of America to advertise the NES.
  • "Hold it!" is a reference to the Ace Attorney video game series.
  • "It all depends on your skill" and "Nobody blink..." are both references to the narrator from Street Fighter Alpha 3.
  • "This is true love we're making" as well as the similar sounding "This is tuna with bacon" are both references to a stage theme "This is True Love Were Makin" from Capcom VS SNK 2.
  • "That's all folks!" is a reference to Porky Pig's ending quote in Looney Toons.
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