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Voice Actor

Kaiji Tang (English)

Daisuke Ono (Japanese)

Andy Anvil (JP: アンディー・アンヴィル) is a character in Skullgirls. He is currently one of Peacock's assist characters, but may become DLC in a future installment of the game.

A figment of Peacock's warped imagination made flesh... er... steel. One of the unexpected results from Patricia's use of the Avery Unit, Andy and his buddies are based on her favorite cartoons. What they do when their creator is not around remains a mystery.


Andy is voiced by Kaiji Tang In the U.S. and Daisuke Ono In Japan.

Playstyle Speculation

Close-range fighter with some tricks up his...gloves? Punches, dodges, more punches, anvil-to-the-face.

In addition to being a ridiculous looking yet well-grounded boxer, he also teams up with Tommy Ten Tons for a variety of coordinated attacks. For example, Tommy could walk along the stage and serve as a slow moving shield. If Andy or the enemy sweeps him, Tommy falls over, causing the ground to shake and inflicting damage, or stunning any enemy touching the ground. If Andy strikes Tommy with a big hit, he might send Tommy across the screen like a torpedo.

Gameplay Inspiration


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  • Andy Anvil was the twelfth possible DLC character to be revealed in the Indiegogo campaign, at $240,000.
  • If Andy Anvil becomes playable in a future Skullgirls game, it is unclear if he will still be available as an assist character for Peacock.
  • Andy Anvil's appearance was based on how Peacock sees Stanley. She thinks that he looks like a walking anvil with sharp teeth who likes boxing.
  • His proposed story mode would involve him attempting to retrieve Peacock's Toon Town Wagon.
  • Andy is said to be a sports nerd who enjoys boxing, basketball and rugby.
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