Amelia 1

Amelia Medici was Filia's mother, and the wife of Marcus Medici.

General InformationEdit

Amelia lived in Maplecrest with her husband and daughter. She allowed Filia to adopt a dog (unaware of Samson), under the condition Filia take responsibility for him. She is present when Marie attacks the family for revenge before Samson and Dog fight her off.

While packing to leave town, Vitale and Ottomo show up and accuse the family of working with Marie, seeing as their family was the only Medici spared and the only family to cut communications. Amelia attempts to calm Vitale, but fails as his temper rises. She and Marcus are then shot by Vitale, presumably killing them.


She appeared to be a caring and responsible mother. Considering she agreed with her husband to cut ties with the Medici, she was most likely adverse to their criminal activity like Marcus.


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