DLC Aeon
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown/Immortal
Likes: Venus, Mother
Dislikes: Mortals
Voice Actor: Cristina Valenzuela
Aeon (JP: エイオン) is a character seen in Double's and Robo-Fortune's story ending. She is seen playing Skullgirls with Venus.

Aeon is the Trinity’s reclusive goddess of time who observes history from beyond this world. Using her Parasite, Khronos, she is able to manipulate multiple timelines, watching how they play out while snagging the occasional collectible. Is her appearance in the roster merely a phantom possibility from another timeline, or did she find the means and willpower to venture out of the comfort of her own home?

She is mentioned in Eliza's Story Mode, when Double accuses the diva of having killed her and Venus during her reign of terror as Neferu.

Playstyle SpeculationEdit

Aeon’s attack themes may be similar to Double’s in that she wields hypothetical versions of characters to attack, conjured from the distorted reflections on her hourglass. She may use figures from the past, characters that have not been seen yet, and alternate versions of the cast including ones where they have become the next Skullgirl. Her own attacks would be themed after sand, glass, and Khronos’s serpentine incarnation with animations that don’t always flow forward. Playing off of her shut-in otaku tendencies, some of her moves may bring in her accumulated merchandise.

In contrast to Isaac who can only travel through time, Aeon is a divine being with the ability to manipulate time itself, including alternate timelines. She may be able to capture moments on the battlefield to unleash later, like a bubble in time containing all attacks executed within its bounds. Then there is the usual slew of abilities to consider like rewinding time, slowing it down, and stopping it.

Gameplay InspirationEdit

  • Snapshot
  • Gameboy Pokemon Yellow TASes (


  • Aeon has a literal hourglass figure as her torso is an hourglass.
  • It is hinted that she is one of the Divine Trinity as she is seen as one of the women pictured in the stained glass of the Divine Trinity's Grand Cathedral.
  • Aeon was the 31st possible DLC character to be revealed in the Indiegogo campaign, at $600,000.
  • Her parasite is a nod to the Ancient Greek Protogenoi (Primordial Deity) who was the personification of time.
    • The Titan can also be contrasted with the deity Aion as Eternal Time.
  • Her name, along with its alternative spelling 'eon', means "age", "forever", or "for eternity".
  • Aeon is mentioned in one of Double's quotes:"To fight is futile. Aeon has foretold our victory."
    • She is also referenced in one of Double's loss quotes: "Aeon, why have you forsaken me?"
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