These are advanced mechanics of the battle system in Skullgirls.


Like many games that allow you to have multiple characters on teams, Skullgirls allows you to call in on your Partner characters for an Assist action. When selecting your characters, if making a team of 2 or 3, you will be able to select from two pre-determined Assist. Unique to the game is the option to make your very own custom Assist! The custom Assist can be anything from simply walking up to performing a string of particular special attacks, the only limitation is anything involving the input of a jump.


Also known as a snapback or force-tag-out in other team-based fighting games. Mostly used against a team of players, achieving an outtake will force the opponent to switch out to another one of their characters; that character depending on which tag buttons the user performed the outtake with. Using an outtake against a single opponent is still possible however, and will result in the sufferer receiving a wall bounce that combos can be imputed from.

A double-snap occurs when you perform an outtake on two players at once - the point character and an assist character. The snapback will make the point character leave the screen, with the assist character being knocked down and remain on-screen. Since assist characters cannot block, techroll, or burst out of infinites, getting a double snap in the corner could lead to a 100% combo on the assist character. Successfully executing a double-snap will cause the 'The Poccola Effect', which plays the Skullgirls opening theme along with a visual effect. 'The Poccola Effect' feature was added via a patch update on July 20th 2014, being inspired by YouTube user Poccola, who infamously uses double-snaps to great effect while playing.

Infinity BurstEdit

A system that is unique to Skullgirls. Using an advance algorithm the system will actually recognize when a player is executing a setup that results in an endless loop, known as an Infinite, and will signify when one is being performed by changing the hit sparks to a red color. When these red sparks occur the player getting hit can press any button to perform a “burst” motion and escape from the combo. The burst can be baited, although it is rather tricky, also even if the player attacking switches up their pattern when the system activates, the sparks will remain red and allow for the burst until the combo is completely dropped.

Take note that the system still allows for a lot of creativity and long chains of combos, you just have to be wary of utilizing many short loops in your combos.

Unblockable ProtectionEdit

If two moves (For example: attacking at the same time as an assist) would attack both high and low on the same active frames and cause a unblockable situation, the game prevents that and allows the defending player to block both. This "protection" makes it so that there are no true unblockables, but still allows set-ups that are incredibly hard to block.

Push BlockEdit

In order to push block an opponent, you must press any two Punch buttons (LP, MP, HP) at the same time while blocking.

Burst Alpha CounterEdit

When in your burst animation, you can perform an alpha counter as though you were in blockstun. First trigger the burst, then input forward+tag. This can make whiffed bursts safe in some situations

Delayed Hyper ComboEdit

When you form a team consisting of 2 or 3 characters you have the option to perform a “Delayed Hyper Combo” or “DHC”, this is done by inputting any of your current character’s Super moves and during the attacks animation input the commands for a Super from your next available character. Connecting the Supers will be dependent on multiple variables, so it’s up to you to know when and where to call in the next attack. Also keep in mind that you must have the required meter to perform each Super in order to activate.

Dramatic TensionEdit

Teams gain Dramatic Tension while attacking, blocking, and taking damage. The meter fills from 0% to 100%, stocking up to the maximum 5 full bars of tension. The tension gained per attack depends on a tension value specific to the attack. Team size will not change meter gain. Point characters can spend the team's Dramatic Tension for Blockbusters, Blockbuster Sequels, Stunt Doubles, and Outtakes. Attacks that use tension do not gain tension for the attacking team on hit or block, but can still give tension for the defending team. Both teams start with 1 free meter. This guide lists meter gain per attack as the meter generated for the attacking team with a successful hit, no damage scaling, and at least 1 meter already stocked for the team. Tension Gain Scaling

The actual tension gain per attack for both teams is a function of a base tension value for the attack and the damage scaling for a combo. In a combo damage scaling starts at 1 and decreases, quickly lowering the tension generated for the attacking team while increasing the tension given to the defending team. Under normal conditions, the equations for meter gain per successful hit are:

  • Meter gain for attacking team on hit = 1.8*(0.8*(damage scaling)+0.2)*(tension)
  • Meter gain for defending team on hit = (0.5*(1-damage scaling)+1.0)*(tension)

Tension Gain on Block

On block, attacks give a fraction of their base tension with no scaling effects:

  • Meter gain for attacking team on block = .75*(tension)
  • Meter gain for defending team on block = .25*(tension)

Tension Gain on Whiff

Normal moves give a small amount of tension on whiff for the attacking team if the team has less than one full meter. When jumping away from the opponent, whiffed normal attacks will never gain tension. The whiff generates tension on the first active frame of the attack, independent from the tension on hit or block. For a single hit normal move, whiffed tension is the same as the base tension value for the move. Most special moves always generate a small amount tension on whiff. This meter gain is independent from damage scaling and awarded on the first frame of the move. Projectile special moves gain tension only when they hit or get blocked.

Since July 20th 2014, an effect occurs for managing to successfully KO with a game-winning Blockbuster, which causes an image of the KO'd character's face to appear in the background. This resembles a similar effect from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, another fighting game from Capcom.

Hit BoxesEdit

  • Red: Active attack box.
  • Orange: Inactive attack box.
  • Yellow: Hit stun hurt box. Throw invulnerable hurt box.
  • Green: Standing hurt box.
  • Blue: Crouching hurt box. Physical extent.
  • Light Blue: High blocking hurt box. Hit invulnerable hurt box.
  • Purple: Block stun hurt box.
  • White: Invulnerable hurt box.


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